Are you in construction constantly working in wet conditions? Are you an avid skier or snowboarder who ends the day with sopping wet boots? Do you spend a lot of time outside when it’s wet out? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you know how important keeping things dry is to equipment maintenance. You’ve also probably known the feeling of waking up in the morning to wet boots, gloves or hats. Putting gear like this in the dryer can cause shrinkage, or even damage your dryer and equipment.

If you’ve been hoping for an easy solution to wet equipment, then look no further!

Jobsite’s original boot dryer is exactly what you are looking for. Their boot dryer uses natural warm air to safely dry your wet boots, shoes, gloves, or garments safely. It’s perfect for drying damp and wet gear, or even warming up your shoes before you head out for the day! Damp items take about 8 hours of dry time, wet items dry overnight, and shoe warming takes only 30 minutes! The boot dryer is small, and will fit right in your home without taking up a ton of space. Dry your gear hassle and worry free!

The unit is specially to dry your wet items safely overnight with warm thermal air that rises naturally without over drying or shrinking your gear. The heating implement resides in the base of the boot dryer, and funnels air directly up the drying tubes into your wet boots and gear. This is accomplished without any fans or other moving parts, resulting in a quiet night of boot drying. Fewer moving parts also means less pieces that could break. It also prevents overheating and over drying your gear. Keeping your boots and other gear dry is essential to their longevity.

Unwanted moisture can contribute to deterioration of your boot’s material. It can also contribute to sustained odors caused by perspiration and bacteria, or the growth of mold and other fungi. The boot dryer includes shoe and boot attachments designed to appropriately distribute heat and drying power to even the hardest to reach parts of your boot’s toe. It fills your boots and other gear with even airflow throughout the drying process, ensuring a fully dry and fresh experience. Keeping your boots and gear dry prevents all of these unwanted side effects of a hard day of work or play. A dry boot is a sanitary boot, and a sanitary boot is a happy boot!

Jobsite is an excellent company, long trusted for the production of high quality workplace accessories. They offer other products such a boot scrubbers, shoe trays, and a variety of footwear care and insoles. They have put their stock in this well manufactured boot dryer, and offered a full 2 year warranty covering replacements or product malfunctions. Your boots and other gear will be kept dry and well maintained for years with Jobsite’s original boot dryer. Check out their Amazon page for pricing and shipping options!